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How it works

It all starts with successful site analysis, the foundation of our development business. First identifying appropriate sites in the targeted buy communities and then thoroughly analyzing the sites for their suitability to new ground up multifamily projects.

Once a site is under contract, the due diligence team takes over to analyze every aspect of the potential site. From detailed entitlement feasibility, to soils conditions and everything in-between, a project either makes the cut or is rejected during this due diligence phase.

After due diligence is approved the entire development process is launched to get the product our clients want, approved and we and under construction in the shortest timeframe possible.

Product Design

Before we begin working on a new community, we revisit past projects as well as the direct market competition. It’s a process that involves the entire team, from design and construction to property management.

Each community site is unique with its own design guidelines and city and neighborhood standards. With our long-term relationship oriented design team we are able to quickly modify product designs to meet all design standards and architectural styles in any location.

Once we determine an overall design, we involve our architect, partners, general contractor, and product manufacturers. By including everyone from the beginning, we’re able to glean invaluable insight and get recommendations for the best materials and most efficient building systems. It’s the most efficient method we have found of refining our designs and getting the product to market quicker.

Since the introduction of our first high efficiency apartment design in the mid 1990’s, we have concentrated on providing a higher level of consumer conveniences and standards including: minimizing sound transmission between units, and utilizing sustainable and environmentally-friendly designs and finishes.

Our just updated standard design consists of an attached-garage product and a detached-garaged product, which can be built in 2, 3 and 4 story configurations. These offer the very high net rentable percentage of up to 96% efficiency and offer a density range of 20-40 units per acre.

Cost Control

We control costs by building consistent and uniform product, minimizing floor plans and building types and utilizing the latest code revisions to minimize the non-rentable building square footage. We also strive to eliminate the guesswork (and the change orders), by finalizing a complete bid package prior to final bid out, that includes all design specifications, all on and off sites and all direct construction costs.